Dura Seal Penetrating Finish (Stain)

DuraSeal® Penetrating Finish is a semi-transparent stain formulated to seal, color and provide exceptional durability when used on bare wood and masonry surfaces. This rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen. Available in colors to match any decor, DuraSeal® Penetrating Finish creates a bond with the wood that won’t scratch or wear away. Can be used with or without a finish coat.


Surface Preparation

  1. Properly prepare surface according to NWFA approved methods.
  2. Use a No. 100 grit screen [80 grit for 201 White] for the final sanding cut.
  3. Remove all dust with a broom and/or vacuum and tack surface with a clean towel moistened with mineral spirits.


  1. Stir or shake material thoroughly before and occasionally during use. Apply a test sample on a small inconspicuous area before proceeding with entire job. If desired, DuraSeal® Penetrating Finish #210 Neutral can be used to lighten any standard Penetrating Finish color.
  2. Apply the first coat of DuraSeal® Penetrating Finish liberally with a brush, lambs wool applicator or cloth at a coverage rate of approximately 500 square feet per gallon.
  3. Allow to penetrate for 5 – 8 minutes then remove excess by wiping with rags or by buffing with #2 steel wool. Removal of all excess material is essential to ensure proper dry time.
  4. If desired, apply a thin second coat at a coverage rate of approximately 800 square feet per gallon. Allow to penetrate and remove excess material in the same manner as the first coat [step 3 above]. NOTE: A second coat of DuraSeal® Penetrating Finish is not recommended with 350 VOC compliant material.
  5. Allow the final coat to dry at least 8 hours [for best results overnight] and apply a finish coat of your choice. NOTE: For heavy traffic commercial applications, it is recommended that DuraSeal® Penetrating Finish be used without a finish coat, and periodically maintained with DuraSeal® Renovator Cleaner and Reconditioner.


Do not use steel wool when using DuraSeal® Penetrating Finish #201 White.


Immediately after use, place rags, steel wool and other waste in a sealed, water filled metal container. See cautionary statement.


Approximately 8 hours to overnight. NOTE: Drying time will be increased by high humidity, low temperature, lack of air movement or incomplete removal of excess stain.


First coat – approximately 500 square feet per gallon. (Optional second coat – approximately 800 square feet per gallon.) A second coat is not recommended when using 350 VOC compliant material.


Clean equipment using paint thinner, turpentine or mineral spirits.


Regularly remove dust and dirt by sweeping or vacuuming. Periodic buffing will renew luster. Exceptionally worn areas may require an additional finish coat. Maintain floors sealed only with DuraSeal® Penetrating Finish with DuraSeal® Renovator Cleaner and Reconditioner.


Non-photochemically reactive.

Available In

Type Size Prod. No.
SEDONA RED (4.6) QT 862434444
ROSEWOOD (4.6) QT 862394444
ROYAL MAHOGANY (4.6) QT 862084444
CHESTNUT (4.6) QT 862044444
SPICE BROWN (4.6) QT 86237000
EBONY (4.6) QT 86231000
MEDIUM BROWN (4.6) QT 86228000
COFFEE BROWN (4.6) QT 86223000
GOLDEN BROWN (4.6) QT 86221000
ANTIQUE BROWN (4.6) QT 86216000
NEUTRAL (4.6) QT 86210000
NUTMEG QT 86202000