WAKOL MS 290 Wood Flooring Adhesive, firm

Firm, premium single component adhesive for the interior installation of 3/4” solid wood strip as well as wood Planks, Bamboo flooring strand-woven or engineered, End grain block, Finger parquet, Engineered wood flooring with no limitations, WAKOL TS 102 Sound Dampening Underlayment, WAKOL RP 104 Decoupling Sheet, Floating cork planks with wood, MDF or natural cork backing if glue down installation is approved from the manufacturer.

Special Features:

• Zero VOC• Solvent free, water free • Very high tensile strength• Superior inner strength (E-Modulus)• Very easy clean up• Approved for radiant heated floors• Can be used directly over WAKOL PU 280 Moisture Barrier


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WA-FL-089 3 Gal
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Application Method: Finger parquet trowel WAKOL B3 or B13 coverage approx up to 70 sq ft / gal. Plank and engineered wood plank trowel WAKOL B3, B5 or B13 coverage approx 50 – 70 sq ft / gal. Cork flooring trowel WAKOL B13 coverage approx up to 50 sq ft / gal. Adhesive transfer to wood floor backing min 90 %
Airing Time: Approx. 40 minutes
Storage Information: 1 year in unopened container at 70 °F / 21 °C, freeze thaw stable
Base: Modified Silane Polymer


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