Somerset Character Collection


Natural knots, markings and variations in grain and color give your space real character.


Solid and SolidPlus Engineered Thickness

Whether you choose 3/4″ solid or 1/2″ SolidPlus® engineered construction, you’ll enjoy the preferred look of solid, sawn flooring once installed. The sawn face of Somerset’s 1/2″ SolidPlus® engineered flooring is the same beautiful Appalachian hardwood as our traditional solid flooring. SolidPlus® engineered gives you the benefit of multi‑layer, cross‑grained construction for dimensional stability and installation flexibility—install virtually anywhere in your home, including the basement. It’s also an eco‑sensible alternative to traditional solid flooring.

Solid vs SolidPlus Comparison


The patterns and color variations in a living tree are like all of nature—never repeated. Naturally occurring wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, knots, and variations in grain and color are not considered defects. Also, the color of your floor will change over time and with exposure to ultraviolet/natural light. As a result of these natural characteristics, the variation in electronically-viewed color representation, and the variations in printing, your newly installed Somerset floor will vary from samples or pictures shown.


 Solid Flooring

THICKNESS:                            3/4″ (nominal)

WIDTHS:                                   3-1/4″, 4″, 5″

LENGTHS:                                 Random up to 6-1/2′

PROFILE:                                   Eased Edge, Eased End

FINISH:                                      Ultimate™ UV-Cured Aluminum Oxide/Urethane

LIMITED WARRANTY:          50-Year Finish Wear; Lifetime Structural

RESIDENTIAL:                         50-Year Finish Wear; Lifetime Structural

COMMERCIAL:                         5-Year Finish Wear; Lifetime Structural

 SolidPlus® Engineered Flooring

THICKNESS:                              1/2″ (nominal)

WIDTHS:                                     3-1/4”, 5”

Construction:                              3mm (nominal) Wear Layer, 8 Plies

LENGTHS:                                  Random up to 6-1/2′

PROFILE:                                    Eased Edge; Eased End

FINISH:                                       Ultimate™ UV-Cured Aluminum Oxide/Urethane

LIMITED WARRANTY:           50-Year Finish Wear; Lifetime Structural

RESIDENTIAL:                          50-Year Finish Wear; Lifetime Structural

COMMERCIAL:                          5-Year Finish Wear; Lifetime Structural

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We feel that no other hardwood flooring in the industry is manufactured to higher quality standards than a Somerset hardwood floor. Flooring in the Character Collection carries our Lifetime Structural Integrity Limited Warranty and a 50-Year Finish Wear Layer Limited Warranty.

We take great pride in the products we offer and want our customers to be completely satisfied with our flooring. Our limited warranty coverage is intended to give you peace of mind that you are purchasing a quality product from a highly reputable company. Please keep in mind that Somerset manufactures flooring, not finished floors; the flooring installer must complete the finished product. Many critical decisions must be made at the installation site, and therefore are the sole responsibility of the installer and owner.


 Solid hardwood flooring is designed to be nailed or stapled‑down on or above grade (ground level) only.

SolidPlus® engineered flooring can be nailed, stapled, glued‑down, or floated, on, above, or below grade, including over radiant heat.

Many important decisions must be made at the installation site, and therefore must be the sole responsibility of the installer/owner. These include but are not limited to proper storage and handling, complete evaluation of site conditions including moisture testing of the subfloor and flooring, acclimation of flooring to appropriate conditions, subfloor preparation, flooring layout, milling, grade, color and gloss, scraping, proper installation methods, sufficient quantity on hand to complete the job, and jobsite cleanup. For best results, we suggest installation be done by a National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) Certified Professional.

Grade Levels