Boen Chaletino Plank Live Natural Oil Finish – Oak Yellowstone


Large rooms often tempt people into choosing particularly  wide planks. Our Chaletino planks create a lovely and  elegant atmosphere with a width of 30 cm and length of  2.75 m. The oak surfaces of the Chaletino planks  are available in a range of finishes to suit the most varied  of furnishing styles.
Thoroughly engineered design The hardwood wear layer has a thickness of approx. 4.5 mm and the solid 3-layer design has been engineered for a long service life.
Bevelled on all four edges All planks have a micro bevel of 1 mm at 45 degrees along all four edges. The bevel highlights the long length and breadth of these large boards. All boards are tongue & grooved on the long edge with loose tongue on the short end.


Brushed, dark stained, colored oiled.


3/4″ x 11 3/4″


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